Cancer Research UK launches new ‘cancer tech accelerator’ programme

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Capital Enterprise have launched a new initiative for researchers to translate their ideas into innovations for cancer patients – named the cancer tech accelerator programme.

This programme is aiming to provide academic researchers with the entrepreneurial, business and technical skills needed to develop cancer tech-led innovations into start-up ventures.

Researchers working on early-stage technologies relying on data, AI or MedTech to advance the early detection, diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of cancer can apply to the programme.

The cancer tech accelerator, part of CRUK’s Entrepreneurial Programmes Initiative, will help researchers to develop and test the commercial potential of their ideas.

Researchers who are part of the programme can work with oncology and domain experts from Roche UK, Capital Enterprise and CRUK, as well as mentors from across the health-tech ecosystem, to help commercialise their ideas.

Following a three-day virtual boot camp, five research teams will be awarded £50,000 each to enable them to spend six months experimentally validating and further de-risking their concept.

CRUK will then help the teams to create investor-ready start-ups, suitable for onward commercialisation of their products.

“Buried in the UK research base is a wealth of bright minds and innovative ideas that have the potential to help cancer patient,” said Tony Hickson, CRUK’s chief business officer.

“The Cancer Tech Accelerator aims to foster entrepreneurship and support these researchers to rapidly translate cutting-edge technology to reach these patients,” he added.

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