PIR International's 2022 EU/UK Biotech Board & Executive Remuneration Study

PIR International's 2022 EU/UK Biotech Board & Executive Remuneration Study is now available.

Touchlight receives grant to advance rapid, scalable and thermostable doggybone DNA vaccine platform

Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will build on preclinical data showing the potential of nanoparticle-formulated doggybone DNA to deliver strong antibody titres and strong T cell responses.

Brainomix announces new partnership with Pixyl to expand its offering with multiple sclerosis solution

Brainomix to distribute Pixyl.Neuro.MS Software as a Service (SaaS) solution exclusively in the UK and Ireland, the Nordics and key markets across Eastern Europe. The emergence of disease-modifying drugs now offers more personalized treatment of multiple sclerosis, a neurological disorder that affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. This has elevated the role of MRI in supporting both the diagnosis and ongoing disease monitoring and treatment response, opening the door for AI-powered solutions such as Pixyl’s Neuro.MS software to improve diagnosis and speed up treatment.

Arecor to commence second clinical trial with AT278 ultra-concentrated ultra-rapid acting insulin candidate for Type 2 diabetes

Arecor Therapeutics plc (AIM: AREC), the biopharmaceutical group advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives, today announces the BASG (Bundesamt für Sicherheit im Gesundheitswesen) clearance of the Group’s Clinical Trial Application (CTA) for AT278, an ultra-rapid acting, ultra-concentrated (500 U/mL) insulin candidate, in Type 2 diabetic patients, the primary target population.

TechBio innovator spotlight: BIOS

BIOS is leveraging the nervous system to inform treatments and deliver therapies for chronic conditions. The company uses AI and machine learning technology to tap into the nervous system which acts as the controlling, regulatory and communication system for the body, connecting all organs to the brain and spinal cord.

ACROBiosystems collaborates with Carterra to enable large-scale characterization of potential drug candidates

Through the combination of ACROBiosystems’ high-quality multi-pass transmembrane proteins and Carterra’s innovative LSA platform, large-scale comprehensive characterization of drug candidates using high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPR) can be rapidly performed.

IBD Market Snapshot: New Medicines Try To Address Patient, Physician Demands - Oral Drugs, Novel Biologics Offer New Options

Remission rates with existing therapies leave much room for improvement, so a variety of treatments are needed – leaving major players attempting to carve unique paths in a crowded market.

Arecor granted key patent in Japan and South Korea to protect proprietary insulin products AT247 and AT278

The granted patents further strengthen the Group’s extensive patent portfolio protecting its proprietary Arestat™ technology and diabetes product portfolio

Touchlight signs license agreement with Voyager for use of Touchlight’s DNA technology in Voyager’s capsid discovery platform

Touchlight, a biotechnology company pioneering enzymatic DNA production to enable the genetic medicine revolution, today announces a patent license agreement with Voyager Therapeutics, Inc., a gene therapy company developing life-changing treatments and next-generation adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids.

Meet the Psychiatry Consortium: Driving advances in drug discovery for mental health conditions

Dr Ekta Patel is Psychiatry Consortium Partnership Manager at Medicines Discovery Catapult. Ekta provides in-depth support to Psychiatry Consortium collaborators to develop and deliver the portfolio of projects. Read her blog about driving advances in our knowledge of disease biology for mental health conditions.