Medannex unveils the multiple anti-cancer effects of MDX-124 at AACR Annual Meeting 2021

Medannex Ltd (Edinburgh) today announced the presentation of new data at the annual meeting of the
American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), highlighting the multi-faceted anti-cancer activity of
MDX-124 - the company’s proprietary therapeutic antibody.

The data demonstrate that MDX-124 acts in a unique way against cancer cells and has multiple
mechanisms of action. It prevents the growth of several human cancer cell lines - including ovarian and
pancreatic cancer - and causes cell cycle arrest in others, including breast cancer. Furthermore, the
antibody also blocks the spread of cancer cells by significantly inhibiting migration, as well as activating
immune cells to attack cancer cells directly.

MDX-124 achieves this multi-action anti-cancer effect by binding annexin A1, an important protein which
plays a key role in the growth, proliferation and spread of many cancers.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Abercrombie, said: “This new information shows the enormous potential of
our targeted molecule to impact the treatment of numerous cancers. We look forward to generating and
sharing our first clinical data soon.”

Medannex received several awards at Scotland’s Annual Life Sciences Awards last month, and will initiate
a first-in-human clinical trial in the coming months to evaluate the effects of MDX-124 in cancer patients.
The data, co-authored by Medannex and its collaborators at ARU (Cambridge, UK) and Brighton and
Sussex Medical School (Brighton, UK) will be presented via e-poster at the virtual AACR Annual Meeting
on Saturday 10 April and will be available to view online until Monday 21 June 2021.

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