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Agility Life Sciences CEO makes Medicine Maker Power List debut

Prof. Claire Thompson, multi award-winning CEO of Agility Life Sciences, has been recognised as one of the Top 10 Leaders in the field of small molecules on the 2022 Medicine Maker Power List.

Spirea raises £2.4M ($3M) to develop antibody drug conjugates in cancer

Spirea Limited, a Cambridge company created to advance a new generation of antibody drug conjugate (ADC) therapeutics, has announced that it has secured funding of £2.4 million with investments from high-profile UK and US investors. Spirea will use the funds to initiate its pipeline of superior and differentiated ADCs in the treatment of solid tumours where there is a high unmet need. ADCs combine the cell killing activity of a cytotoxic drug with the cancer targeting capability of a monoclonal antibody. Although the ADC concept has been exemplified with approved products, many ADC programmes have failed to progress through clinical development because of dose-limiting toxicities, restricted efficacy, and limitations in the range of treatable cancers.

Analysis published by PrecisionLife reveals potential to systematically reposition hundreds of patented drugs into new indications to address unmet medical needs

PrecisionLife’s unique combinatorial analytics approach to understanding the drivers of disease biology in patient subgroups has revealed hundreds of new commercial opportunities to reposition patented drugs and drug candidates into novel indications, with significant near-term additional revenue potential for pharmaceutical companies .Careful indication extension or repositioning of drugs coupled with patient stratification biomarkers to identify responders can provide a faster, cheaper and derisked route to the approval of new therapies, with major benefits to patients with unmet medical needs. The peer-reviewed study highlighted 477 potential repositioning opportunities in over 35 secondary disease indications across the development and marketed drug pipelines of 177 companies

BioIVT to Host ADME-Tox Symposium in Basel, Switzerland

Presenters will explain how long-term and whole-cell hepatocyte models can be used to improve in-vitro in-vivo correlation predictions and advance drug discovery and development research.

Cumulus Neuroscience commences clinical studies of digital biomarker platform in degenerative neurological diseases

Cumulus’ integrated platform combines multiple digital Central Nervous System (CNS) measurement tools with AI analytics 

DOE Masterclass: Analysis - What Really Matters

Many scientists find the idea of modeling their results scary. But modeling is a great tool for organizing your thinking, mostly using already familiar ideas. In this webinar, we’re going to debunk the myths of modeling and help you ditch the fear of looking at the numbers by giving you the practical tools and guidance so you can confidently and concisely navigate with excitement.

Revolutionary new oral medicine to treat inflammatory bowel disease developed by industry collaboration

An innovative capsule could take the gold-standard treatment for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis out of hospital and into patients’ homes for the first time. The oral infliximab drug delivery system was developed by a collaboration between Intract Pharma, Pharmidex, Quay Pharma and deep tech innovation organisation CPI.

RQ Bio launches with goal to transform treatment and prevention of viral infection diseases through antibody technologies

UK-based RQ Biotechnology Ltd (RQ Bio) launches with funding from licensing deal with AstraZeneca for RQ Bio’s existing early stage monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against SARS-CoV-2 with payments of up to $157 million plus royalties.

BioIVT to Provide Rare Biosamples for the FNIH Biomarkers Consortium Neurodegenerative Disease Project

BioIVT is sourcing matched sets of cerebrospinal fluid, serum, and plasma from donors afflicted with ALS to further research of neurofilament in the blood as a biomarker for early stages of neurodegeneration.

PrecisionLife and Sano Genetics announce partnership to accelerate understanding of long COVID and help identify new treatments

A new partnership between PrecisionLife and Sano Genetics will help advance researchers’ understanding of the drivers of long COVID, identifying at-risk patients and potential drug targets.