BIA/MAC Next Generation Analytics Workshop

Biopharmaceutical manufacture is one of the UKs major manufacturing sectors.  In recognition of this, the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) was set up between the industry and UK Government to promote the UK as a world-class centre for medicines manufacture.  One remit of the MMIP is strategic, to identify innovative technologies to meet future challenges in the industry.  To deliver on this, the MMIP have devised a UK technology roadmap, which focusses on filling technology gaps.  The MMIP roadmap is currently being refreshed and the Bioindustry Association (BIA) Manufacturing Advisory Committee (MAC) has identified analytics as one of the technology challenges that needs to be addressed.  Analytics are an essential part of the manufacturing supply chain and new solutions are required to meet the challenges posed by next generation biologics, cell and gene therapy manufacturing.


As yet, the analytics technology challenge has not been addressed.  Therefore, to assist in the MMIP roadmap for analytics and measurement science, BIA MAC is setting up a workshop to identify the UK requirements for next generation analytics.  Analytical experts, from across industry and academia, will be invited to attend a workshop, the aim of which will be to recognise the gaps in the current analytical armoury and identify areas for future analytical development. 


While attendance at the workshop is by invitation only, selection being based on the extended network of the BIA MAC members, it is recognised that this process may have missed some areas of analytical expertise.  Therefore, if you have not been invited, but feel that your specific analytical niche needs to be included, you can apply to join the workshop, stating reasons for your inclusion.  As the workshop has limited space, not all applicants can be accommodated. 



Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

Guy's Hospital





Time and format will be confirmed in due course



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