Bench to bedside: episode 3 - "what translational science can and cannot do"

BIA’s Science and Innovation Advisory Committee (SIAC) are delivering a series of webinars in 2019 titled ‘Bench to Bedside’. The content has been proposed by industry and will explore the drug discovery process from discovery to delivery. The series will be concluded with a panel session at our UK Bioscience Forum on 17 October.

This webinar will review progress in translational science and its contribution to drug discovery and development and consider needs for further research.


Glen Clack MD MB BS FFPM

Honorary Professor of Translational Medicine

University of Sheffield

Glen Clack graduated from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, spending 5 years in basic surgical training in the British National Health Service, then joining Pharma in 1997. He has experience in all phases of clinical development within the oncology therapeutic area, and of functional line management.

Since 2002 Glen has been involved in translational medicine and has been accountable for the early development of anti-cancer compounds, from lead optimisation to clinical proof of concept in both solid and haematological malignancies i.e. small and large molecules, cytotoxic chemotherapy, anti-sense oligonucleotides and vaccines. The relevant biological effect areas of these compounds include hormone manipulation, invasion, DNA damage repair, immune modulation, angiogenesis, CDKs, the MTOR/PI3K/AKT and WNT pathways, and tumour genomic drivers.

He has been the Industry representative for several Academic and Regulatory Alliances/’Think Tanks’, was elected a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in 2012, sits on the Science and Innovation Advisory Committee of the UK Bio Industry Association and is a tutor and lecturer in the School of Pharmacy at Manchester University.

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