Applying Maths to 3Rs Problems - Member Webinar

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Apply maths to 3Rs problems - a case study


Dr Anthony Holmes, Director of Science and Technology, NC3Rs, will give a brief overview of the application of maths to biology and the scientific and 3Rs benefits of this.

Dr Manasi Nandi, a Senior Lecturer in Integrative Pharmacology at King’s College London, will go on to talk about the case study of the model development. 


Following a 2013 NC3Rs Mathematics in Medicine Study Group, Manasi began a collaboration with mathematician, Prof. Philip Aston. The pair have developed a novel mathematical method to extract new information from routine physiological waveforms, including blood pressure and ECG. Importantly, the method uses all the high-fidelity waveform data generated by commonly used devices (radiotelemetry, bedside monitors) – much of which is typically discarded. By visualising the entire data stream in a different way, the method allows the quantification of the morphology and variability of the waveform, over time. This maximises the amount of data generated in each research animal, reducing the number of animals required per study overall.


Systematic investigations in animal models and human data indicate that the method can enhance the sensitivity of detecting physiological or pathophysiological changes. As such, the method could be developed as a decision support tool to facilitate the earlier identification of adverse events, enabling researchers to terminate experiments earlier and therefore reducing the potential animal suffering. She is currently partnering with CROs, pharmaceutical companies, academic and clinical groups, working in areas including drug safety assessment and clinical deterioration detection in intensive care units.


She will be giving an overview of the method itself and will showcase both the non-clinical and clinical applications.


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